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Alcoholics Anonymous AA 1-18 MONTHS SET Sober Medallion Token Coin 105 Chip lot

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105 alcoholics anonymous sobriety coins in one simple package

Everything you need to start (or reload) your meeting.....FREE shipping to save your group even more money!

AA 7 coin set in various quantities.  AA coins to track your members' sobriety milestones

25  x  24 hour chip    **  Silver

20  x  1 month chip   **  Red

15  x  3 month chip   **  Green

15 x  6 month chip   **  Blue

10  x  9 month chip   **  Purple

10  x  1  year chip     **  Blue

10  x  18 month chip **  Gold (the winers chip)

Made of Aluminum so will always keep its luster

Clean, Crisp Embossed Lettering, 1 1/2 inches wide and about 4-5 MM thick 

" if nothing changes then nothing changes "  We need to change our thinking, that's our REAL problem.