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Certificate of Authenticity Trump Office - Former President

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Certificate of Authenticityis provided

HUGE 2.4 oz, 2" in diameter, Trump Coin Office of the Former President, Condition is New 

Shipped with USPS First Class Package

This is a BadA$$ coin set.  It's thick and a half inch wider than your normal commemorative coin 2" wide in diameter 

Both Space Force coins are also included.  They are 1.5" in diameter (normal size for medium commemorative coins) 

Go big with Trump or go home and cry.   If you are a TRUMP Fan than this monster set is a must have. 

Super crisp colors and design, it's really big and ONE of a KIND. 

This is what you get:

1 x  Huge TRUMP 45 Presidential Office of the Former President Challenge Coin *** very, very unique !!!!

1  x  Clear Plastic Case to protect this piece of History

    *****   It's clear on BOTH sides so you can easily flip this coin set over to see BOTH sides   *****

Celebrate #45 going for another 4 more years of "draining the swamp" in 2024  

You will LOVE this coin set