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Damascus Throwing Knives with stainless 52-54HRC (x 3) Colorful

Check out these amazing Damascus Steel Throwing Knives!

These colors are amazingand are part of the knife make up so will never fade. Our craftsman carefully and diligently hammer out each one into a useful work of art.  

EVERY one of these Damascus knives are CUSTOM MADE so each will have a unique, colorful pattern throughout the steel blade. 

Here is what you get:

3 x  Balanced, Sharp, and Customized Damascus Throwing Knives

1 x  Custom Made, Highly Detailed with Intricate Inlays Black and Brown Sheath

       (one sheath to handle all three for easy carry)

Carefully created by our knife makers with pride. Made in Pakistan where knife making is generational.  You will NEVER see anything like these elsewhere.