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2020 RARE = Unique 3x Joe Biden ZERO CENTS coin/ Trump Thumping Biden Coin

** 3 Coins **

You have to buy these and pass them on to your MAGA friends.          Condition is New.

US Seller, ships fast.  I don't list it unless I have it. 

OK, be the first one(s) to own this awesome commemorative coin paying tribute to our treasonous Presidential "Elect" with no common sense
Own a piece of history as the Biden Family tries to steal our 2020 US election.  
  • Golden Joe Biden Commemorative Coin with ZERO CENTS on the back reflecting the TRUTH about "Lying, Hide'n Joe"
  • VERY good quality - Crisp colors, pinpoint design 
  • Is about the size ofUS Quarter 1.25" round by 3-4 mm thick 

This is what you get:

3 x sweet 2020 Joe Biden No CENTS coins about the size of a US Quarter 
3 x plastic clear coin case

      ** lots of laughs from all your friends as they nod in agreement ** 

Get a piece of history for yourself or other important people in your life.   The joke is on Joe!